All By Myself – Detoxin’ Day #4

Day 4 is pretty much over!  That means only 3 more days left!  What a relief. Today was HARD.  It’s mostly the lack of variety in foods.  Despite changing it up a bit and cheating for lunch yesterday, I felt like I hit a wall today and didn’t want to eat another bite of the kitchari.

I stuck with it, however, and choked down ate it for both lunch and dinner.  While at Trader Joe’s today, I saw some avocados and remembered that we could have avocados as part of the meal plan.  They were like little chunks of heaven mixed into the kitchari for dinner tonight.

Unfortunately, someone fell decided to blatantly jump off the wagon this evening.  It’s largely my fault.  When I made the first batch of kitchari, I had the all spices it called for, but the cumin and coriander were supposed to be in SEED form, but I just went ahead and used my powdered versions…and it called for black mustard seed…and I didn’t have those, so I left them out.  Well, for the second batch, I made a trip to the store (I love having a bulk spice section!!) and picked up the correct stuff.  Turns out, the first batch was way better. Poor Mike couldn’t stand the coriander seeds…each time he’d happen to crunch down on one, he’d gag.  So, despite an extra-huge smothering of Frank’s on tonight’s bowl, he hit one too many coriander seeds and proclaimed that he was done.  …and he immediately stormed the pantry for the bag of pretzels (his favorite snack).



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