Adventure in the City – Detoxin’ Day #3

Aaron and I decided to take a trip over to Seattle this morning.  I got the Living Social voucher for Whole Foods that was flying around the Facebook world yesterday and it gave me a reason to take an adventure to the nearest store.

Aaron is so sweet about his love of public transportation.

If only we could all have the ability to truly enjoy the little things. Aaron was thrilled to watch the cars load onto the boat.  Then, when he feels the rumble of the engine, he says (quite loudly), “We’re moving!!”  Every time he sees the Space Needle, you’d think he was a tourist from the East Coast who had never seen it before.  “LOOK!! It’s the SPACE NEEDLE!!”

Our first stop was Aaron’s new favorite toy store.  Then, we had to hit up Starbucks for a potty break (the closest available bathroom). Oh, Starbucks.  I have been looking forward to a Pumpkin Spice Latte for weeks – and they have them now.  But I couldn’t get one. That was hard.

I ended up getting Aaron an apple juice and some fruit snacks so I could get the code for their bathroom (they’re locked and for customers only).

I was wanting to document our day, so I took a picture of him and his snack.  Then, a real tourist sweet young guy with a foreign (German?) accent, wearing a crisp new Mariner’s cap, was sitting next to us and offered to take our picture together.

For all of our trips to Seattle, up until today, I have ridden the ferry over and then walked or ridden the bus.  Today, I decided to change it up and figure out the “Light Rail” system.  I had been under the impression that it just went out to the airport but, while it’s much less expansive than the MAX in Portland, it does have a few stops downtown.  Aaron was thrilled to ride the train.

I decided I wanted to get some Cacao Nibs.

They’re one of the first things I read about when I started looking at food blogs and I’ve just never gotten around to buying them. Unfortunately, I’m doing this detox thing and can’t try them for a few days. 😦

Aaron and I also got lunch.  Poor planning on my part – we hit Whole Foods at 12:15…the height of the lunch rush.  The place was PACKED!  Aaron got a slice of cheese pizza.

…and I hit the salad bar to see what I could eat.  I hadn’t brought any of my kitchari – I figured I’d do a slight cheat today, for convenience sake.  I ended up getting some black rice, carrots, broccoli and kale.

Essentially the same stuff I had in the kitchari. Not to say that I wasn’t totally tempted by the pizza…all delicious things in the hot bar…the DESSERT BAR (Ohmyword!!).

To go along with it, I had some Evolution Super Green juice that I spread out over the afternoon.  I drank half with lunch and then the other half later on the ferry as a snack.

Detox-wise, I have felt completely fine today. It was great to get out of the house and hit the city. I was kind of surprised that I haven’t been hungry and have felt like my energy level is fine.  The kitchari is getting a little redundant though…and it’s only day three!

The Frank’s is getting Mike by…

But I was ready to try something new.  I made the Fresh Coriander Chutney today to smother on top of the kitchari.

It was really weird by itself, but blended well when mixed with the kitchari.

I enjoyed it and finished off dinner with half of an apple. I’m typically a HUGE late-night snacker, but I’m amazingly full and it hasn’t been a big deal to cut myself off from the snacks.  So, overall, I’d say the detox is going good.  Just looking forward to some variety! 🙂



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