Detoxin’ Day #1

Today was the kick-off for my 7-day detox.
My dear husband is such a trooper and said he’d do it with me.

Initially, my plan was to follow along with the 7-day Fall Detox at Yoga Journal’s website. They had some information available over the weekend – a shopping list and recipes. Then, you’re supposed to get an email each day with further instructions, some yoga poses, etc.

I went ahead and made a huge pot of kichari, the main recipe that is the basis of the detox.  I googled kichari and found it’s a common Indian comfort food that is easily digested by the body.  It depends on the recipe, but can range from a soup-like consistency to a drier rice pilaf-type dish.  Somewhat like chili is in America, apparently there are multitudes of different recipes and variations.

The recipe that is provided on Yoga Journal has a base of brown basmati rice and mung beans.  I’ve never had mung beans before – but they’re tiny little green beans that come dried and you have to soak them before cooking.  Once cooked, they taste a lot like any other bean – just smaller.

From there, you add lots of spices and some veggies.  My batch has zuchini, fresh green beans, carrots, and kale.  My house smelled amazing last night!  Basmati rice is very aromatic…and then mixed with the spices, it smelled great!

I went to bed feeling a little unsure about “the plan” though.  There really weren’t any breakfast-like recipes, so I thought we may just be drinking a detox tea.  I was surprised when I read the email and they said we’re supposed to eat the kitchari three times per day.  While it seems like a great lunch or dinner dish, I’m not eating a savory beans & rice dish for breakfast.  Mike was getting ready for work and needed something to eat…so, I threw together a strawberry/blueberry smoothie with almond milk and protein powder for him.

I drank a cup of blueberry/green tea with honey and pondered how I can make this work. I really want to do this detox, but I have to do something that will work for me and Mike.  So, my current plan is to mix in juicing with eating the kitchari for lunch and dinner. I’ll have fresh juice for breakfast, detox tea a few times per day, and fresh juice for a snack between lunch/dinner.

For exercise, I’m going to walk every morning this week and do a yoga or my Barre 3 video. This morning, I ended up going on a walk with Aaron, who didn’t want to walk. 😦  So, I took the stroller.  When I got back, I did the Crunch: Super Slimdown pilates/yoga blend video.  It’s available on Netflix streaming and one of my current favorites.  Unfortunately, it was far from relaxing and near impossible to focus. While I was doing the video, I had to stop to make Aaron something to eat…and then he wanted apple juice…and then he found various things to interrupt me about while he kept crawling around me.

I have been tired today.  Definitely irritable. For today, I’m chalking it up to my body having a major shock to the system. No coffee…no baked goods…no carby snacks whenever I feel like it.

I’m mostly just curious to see what the results are and how it goes over the course of the week. Will I adjust and make it to the end or will I go completely crazy and make/eat a whole bowl of cookie dough?   I guess we’ll see….


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