Going Out With A Bang!

I love yoga.  I enjoy the different poses that stretch you out, improve flexibility, and balance. At one point, I started reading Yoga Journal…but was really turned off by the hardcore Eastern religion influence to which they regularly refer. I don’t really care about chakra’s and dosha’s.  I just want to get a good leg/back stretch with some downward dog.

So, when an ad recently popped up for a
7-Day Fall Detox plan at Yoga Journal’s website, I was initially uninterested.  However, I’ve got about fifteen pounds I’d like to lose to reach a major weight goal…but I’ve just been stalled out.  I’ve found that as long as I stick with a veggie-based diet, I can eat whatever I want and just stay at this weight; but I don’t want to stay at this weight.  At my height and build (I’m 6’2″), a healthy weight for me is between 175-195.  I haven’t been under 200 pounds in for.ev.er.  I was around 220 through college and at my wedding.  I’ve fluctuated through different life stages…pregnancy, etc.  But, I’m currently at an all-time (after high school, anyway) low of 214.

I’ve been considering doing different detoxes to try to jumpstart my body to get rid of that 15 pounds and be under 200.  If I don’t have an actual plan, I’m horrible with my eating.  I LOVE to bake and end up eating WAY too many carbs.  So, I really like the idea of having a laid-out detox plan.  Mentally, I can tell myself, “This is what we’re doing…and it’s only for 7 days.”  I’m pretty sure I can handle it.  Plus, if the scale starts moving, it’s super motivating!

So I checked out the Yoga Journal plan and I’m going to give it a go. It starts on Monday and I thought it’d be great for the blog too as I can keep track of my progress. 🙂  I figured I’d go out with a bang this weekend though and made Mama Pea’s vegan donuts.

Of course, they’re delicious! Baked, cakey…with the perfect amount of spice and sweetness…and they’re HUGE! 🙂


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