Real Food

It seems like all I ever talk about eating are carb loaded breakfast and dessert things.
They’re definitely my favorite.  I love to bake!  But, we definitely do eat “real” food. 🙂

Today, for lunch, I had leftovers from dinner a couple nights ago.  I made a recipe from Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Appetite for Reduction.

I thought I should maybe crack another cookbook.  I’ve definitely been stuck on Peas and Thank You for a while now.  The recipe I tried was a Black Bean Mole…that I served with sweet potatoes and plantains over millet.

I love plantains and they are really not used in enough recipes.  If you’ve never had a plantain, they look like big bananas…but they’re more starchy and less sweet.  I loved this dinner.  It reminded me of my favorite frozen meal from Kashi – their Mayan Harvest Bake. Unfortunately, Mike doesn’t like sweet potatoes.  I’ve tried sneaking them in to various recipes…but it’s always an immediate turn-off for him.  So, I probably won’t be making this one again.

Today, I had some leftover kale that needed to get used, so I steamed it with some lemon juice and salt…and then put the millet and other stuff on top.

I got busy cleaning and doing laundry around the house today.  It got down to “cooking time” and I had no idea what to make.  I didn’t want to go to the store so I was on a mission to make something with what I had.  Mama Pea came to the rescue! Haha… 🙂

I made her Chickpeas and Dumplings.

It’s like chicken and dumplings…just veganized.  Carrots, celery, chickpeas, and lots of herbs make up the base…and then there are these YUMMY herbed dumplings you drop on top.  It was SO good!  Mike loved it…and Aaron even ate a few bites.  He’s my ULTIMATE critic.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow.  I’ve got a cracked molar that I’m having to get a crown for.  I will be grateful to have it fixed and not have to deal with the pain I’ve been having…but I’m dreading the crown prep.  Ugh.  So, if you happen to think of me tomorrow around 11-1pm, please say a little prayer for me!!


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