Juicer Junk & Tutu Dreams

This morning, I enjoyed a little cup of heaven.
I juiced some carrot, an apple, and a little hunk o’ ginger.

It was FABULOUS!  I’m thinking I might pretty easily become a juicing addict.

Then, when I was cleaning the juicer, I was getting ready to dump the pulp tub when I remembered Mama Pea’s carrot cake (scroll down on that link for a pic) that’s in her book!!  The real recipe calls for steamed/puree’d carrots…but I just added a splash of water to the juicer pulp (it’s really dry) and subbed it into the recipe.  Worked like a charm!
So, we had a yummy dessert that was essentially made from juicer junk. 🙂 Haha…

When we lived in Newberg, Mike worked in the Pearl District in Portland.

I love the Pearl. There are so many cute shops, my favorite coffee place (Caffe Umbria), my favorite bakery (Nuvrei), and of course – Powell’s Books. Several years ago, I noticed a new exercise studio open up that was called Barre3.  I was very intrigued when I found out that their methodology is a combo of ballet, yoga, and pilates.

I briefly pursued my dream of being a ballerina when I was in the 8th grade.  Now, I’m pretty sure most of my readers know me in person…but, if not, you should know I don’t have the ballerina body type.  I’m 6’2″, 200ish pounds, and have never been what you’d call petite.  I’d probably have a better shot as an NFL lineman than a ballerina. Still, oh how I’d love to be 1980’s-Barbie-doll thin and gracefully dance around in a tutu.

So, I always thought Barre3 would be a fun, more-realistic way for me to do some pliés and get a workout in at the same time. 🙂  Plus, I’m a big fan of yoga and pilates! Unfortunately, the timing for attending a class never worked out…and, honestly, I kept having flashbacks of my 8th grade ballet class where I was the chubby girl in a leotard with a teensy 4-year-old twirling circles around me.  Even as an adult, the self-image issues are still there.  I didn’t want to show up at an exercise studio in the Pearl and feel like that ungraceful chubby girl surrounded by the über flexible “beautiful people.”

In the meantime, Barre3 has sort of gotten really popular!  They had several studios open up around Portland…and now they’re franchising all over the world!  Sadie Lincoln, the founder, was picked up by Madonna to be her personal trainer…and that got some buzz for Barre3 in US Weekly and various fitness magazines.

Recently, Averie – over at Loves Veggies & Yoga reviewed a Barre3 workout DVD and had a 20% off coupon code! (The code is good until the end of August, so there are a few more days if you’d like to get it!!)  You mean I can wear my tutu and do this workout in the privacy of my own home?!?!  I totally ordered that DVD and it just arrived yesterday!!

Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day-Shred, Winsor Pilates, and a Crunch Fitness Yoga are my favorite DVD’s that I tend to rotate through.  I’ve been shredded, worked my “powerhouse,” and done many vinyasas…but Sadie Lincoln still kicked my butt.

Sadie is a sugar-plum princess version of Jillian Michaels. She’s cute, encouraging, non-judgemental…and just seems like she has a super fun personality.  I loved the way she organized the workout and explains each move very clearly.  It goes through some (hard-core) leg work, arms, buns, and abs.  This program is focused on toning and lengthening the body.  Not much, if any, cardio – so you don’t really get sweaty…but you’re SORE!  Still, it’s not like it was too hard.  I only had to pause once during the leg work portion…and, otherwise, was able to stay with her for the entire video.

It’s fun and I’d totally recommend it. The DVD comes with a little squishy exercise ball you use during the video.  Then, you use a chair in place of the ballet barre.  Tutu is optional.


9 thoughts on “Juicer Junk & Tutu Dreams

  1. I love you for this post!! Will you be my new BFF???? Gotta go check out the DVD. I am not working this year so I have all the privacy in the world for my TUTU!!

  2. You have such an authentic way of capturing the essence of life as well as barre3. And you really hit the nail on the head with Sadie-she really is as genuine as you see in the video. Thanks for sharing with me!

  3. Jen – we have so much in common! I love barre3 and Mama Pea! barre3 has a lot more at-home workouts coming, so i’ll keep you posted. also, i made the enchiladas last night from the the Peas and Thank You cookbook last night – YUM. her recipes are awesome – simple, healthy, and boy friendly!

  4. I loved your idea about the carrot cake today so as fate would have it.. I had made almost the same version of carrot juice this morning.. Jim had made his usual with mangoes and grapefruit and peaches and grapes & all that so I just scooped it ALL out at used it in the cake mix. I made a few substitutions because I didn’t have whole wheat flour and earth balance or even Vanilla.. so I used butter, coconut extract, the coconut milk creamer instead of soy milk & I used strawberry flavored cream cheese for the frosting.. thank you so much for mentioning that recipe!! I can’t wait to taste them.. and get my hands on that cookbook!!

    • Good for you, Carrie!! It’s fun to be experimental in the kitchen. 🙂 I end up subbing in butter for the earth balance a lot…you’ll have to let me know how the strawberry cream cheese ended up!

      • It was good but really sweet.. so I used very sparingly!! But it was either that or chive and onion and I’m thinking that wouldn’t have been so good! I am the mad scientist in my kitchen.. I enjoy just making stuff up! i have a reputation for revamping recipes with my own signature. Some of my favorite recipes come from winging it and some very bad never to be spoken of things come out of there too.. 🙂 but it’s all in fun!

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