Juicy Juice

My grandma recently gave me her Jack Lalanne juicer and I just got around to using it for the first time today.  I’m on the fence when it comes to juicing.  I feel like you lose a lot of the nutrients and fiber by simply extracting the juice from foods…so, I’ve been more of a smoothie person.  However, some nutritionists swear by the health benefits of juicing…so, I thought I’d give it a shot.

I found a recipe in Whole Living magazine that I decided to try.  You simply put the following things through a juicer: some honeydew melon, a couple stalks of celery, one granny smith apple, a bunch of kale, and a little chunk of ginger.

I was a little skeptical of the ginger, but decided to just go for it.  It was really good!  The apple and honeydew added a lot of sweetness and the ginger gave it a subtle zing.  I loved the dark green color that the kale juice had.  I had no idea kale would produce so much juice either!

Aaron was very interested in the process and loved watching the juice come out.  When it was done, he was very eager to try it so I gave him a little shot glass.

(I love the froth on top!)

He drank it!  I’m finding a lot of truth in tips I’ve heard to get kids to eat healthier.  Letting them be involved in the cooking process and allowing them to make choices really gets them interested in trying new foods.

What I loved about the juice was how I felt.  It was so light and refreshing…and I definitely felt an energy boost.  Plus, I didn’t have anything else for breakfast and was completely satisfied until lunch!

Today, we joined Mike’s Aunt and Grandma at our county fair.  I took a risk and pre-purchased an unlimited ride wrist band for Aaron, not knowing whether or not he’d actually ride the rides.  We definitely got our money’s worth!

I was seriously tempted by all the fair food.  I was craving a veggie corn dog and was bummed that there were none to be found. 😦  However, now I have a recipe that I’m going to have to attempt.  I ended up getting a veggie sandwich for lunch and shared an elephant ear with my Aunt in-law and Grandma in-law.  So, I did get in some requisite fried goodness. Hehe…

I’m definitely curious to try some other juice recipes.  I’ve heard carrot, apple, ginger is good. Who knows…tomorrow, I may have to bust out my blue spandex jumpsuit!



8 thoughts on “Juicy Juice

  1. LOVE IT!! sad part is brandon read this and said ” see i told you i should have kept the juicer( he bought one last year and i made him return it), even jennie thinks it is healthy”

  2. It was a fun day at fair! It was great to get to watch Aaron on the rides. I can’t believe some of the rides he went on and he wasn’t even scared.

    I definitely agree with you about the juicer…so confusing about which is better…smoothies or juicing.

    • I had a great time hanging out with you and Grandma!! 🙂 It’s hit and miss with that kiddo…sometimes he can be kind of cautious and other times he can be a complete daredevil. He obviously had a great day though. 🙂

      • It was such a day, too and an elephant ear as it’s been two years. Glad you liked the smoothie recipes I sent you. I really do love the spinach, kiwi, pear, grape, banana, orange, etc one. My very favorite. Hope you enjoy the play tomorrow. There is a Neil Simon one, the 23rd floor starting in September at the community theather next door to me and very reasonable.

  3. That is so cool! I am glad you like it!!! I love the honeydew instead of cucumber idea.. I will have to try that one next! John’s wife pours her juice into Popsicle molds for her kids and freezes it. It takes away from the nutrients but it is still better then sugar on a stick!!

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